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The “B Informed Training Hub” was developed by the Hepatitis B Foundation, in partnership with WestMead Institute and This site provides training, education and resources on hepatitis B, hepatitis D, and liver cancer, for anyone who wants to learn more. Everyone is welcome, including people living with hepatitis B and their family members, community educators, health care and social service providers, and others in our global community. The curriculum covers the epidemiology, natural history, prevention, management and treatment, and strategies for working towards hepatitis B elimination. The curriculum is broken into modules, with each module covering a different topic. After modules are completed, learners can take a short quiz. Once the quizzes for the 4 core curriculum modules are passed, learners can receive a certificate of completion! This is a free training program and a secure website the requires users to create a profile for access to the content. This will allow you to complete each module on your own time and track your progress.

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Resources are presented on the Training Hub in a variety of formats, such as documents, slides, videos, etc. Modules in the Training Hub are combinations of slides (with or without audio voiceover), videos, FAQs, fact sheets, infographics, handouts and recorded webinars.

Communications flow through the Training Hub in a variety of channels. Hepatitis B Foundation staff regularly send content updates (e.g., when new modules are added), reminders to users (via email or login messages) of modules to be completed and more.

Users can certify completion of training modules by printing a certificate for each. The Training Hub will automatically create a certificate that users can download, personalized with their name and module title, as a PDF.

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